KENYA: Don't Compare The Success Of Tanzanian Artists With Coastal Artists - Susumila

Mombasa's finest singer, Susumila has opened up about the coastal music industry. This is after there were rumours that coastal artists do not have success and don't own anything compared to Tanzanian artists.

The Ngoma Itambae hitmaker has confessed that it’s not right for people to compare on social media Tanzania’s music industry and that of the Coast.

"If a person could compare something like YouTube views for Kenyan or coastal artists with that of Tanzanian artists, first he or she should know that the cost of internet in Kenya is expensive compared to that of Tanzania. That is why you find that Tanzanians are very active in social media and YouTube because the internet cost is affordable. In Kenya, we have loyal fans who want to promote and support their favorite artists but because of the high cost of internet, they minimize their spending", said Susumila.

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