Tanzanian rapper Godzilla praises Octopizzo

Tanzanian rapper Godzilla has applauded Kibera’s finest rapper Octopizzo for his high quality videos.

In an interview with Tanzania’ Entertainment site Bongo5, the rapper was asked to choose who was the best rapper between Octopizzo and “Ligi Soo’s” hit maker Rabbit and based on his response its clear who won took the top spot for him'

“Itabidi nichukue time nikae vizuri…..nimesikia wote ngoma mbili tatu lakini sijaenda ile deep, I still need some time, Ila Octopizzo ana mavideo makali,” he responded.

The rapper also named lyric master Nikki Mbishi as the greatest and most talented rapper in Tanzania saying that the Dar rapper always brings out a new feel to his music,

“Mimi kwangu Mkali….Nikki Mkali. Naapreciate wote kazi zao lakini Nikki ni mkali, Nikki is crazy man. Wote ni maemcee lakini Nikki anaweza zaidi kwa freestyle alafu za papo kwa papo halafu freestyle kama kaandika, Yaani hapo ndipo wanapozindiana lakini, wote wakali lakini Nikki ana kitu cha ziada,” he added

Godzilla recently released his mixtape 'Zillax' which has been doing well adding that his aim in his music is to set new trends for the music scene which other artists can copy.

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