TANZANIA: Ray C Has A Word For Veteran Musicians

Tanzanian veteran musician, Rehema Chalamila,'Ray C' has told her fellow veteran musicians to wake up and start competing with the new musicians who are doing well in the music game now. The singer who is topping charts with her new track 'Unanimaliza' said that still veteran artists have a big chance to do well in their music.

"They have just give up in their life but there are others who know my history since I started up to where I am now, and I know they got courage a lot", Ray C told Enewz Show for EATV.

"I am here as their hope, they shouldn't give up in the game. I wish to hear again old musicians like Joslin, Juma Nature, Sister P, Raha P, Zay B, Daz Baba, Chid Benz, Daz Nunda, Feroouz, and Fanani…, says Ray C.

The singer added that most artists do fear to come back to music scene in this era because they believe they won't have many fans compared to last time.

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