Remembering E-Sir's breakout album, 11 years later!

Kenyan rap star E-Sir died in a road accident on March 16, 2003, when his career was just taking off. Exactly 11 years ago today! He was on his way back to the city from an album promo concert at Club Dimples in Nakuru.

His debut album 'Nimefika' was released in 2003 under Ogopa DJ's and it made a big hit with virtually all the album tracks becoming radio favorites in their own right! Sadly, a few months later he would be no more.

Today we celebrate his 11th anniversary! Check out this playlist off the album 'Nimefika'

1. Kamata feat. Mr Lenny

2. Bamba feat. Big Pin & Mr Lenny

3. Moss Moss

4. Saree

5. Lyrical tongue twister

6. Hamunitishi feat, Brenda

7. Boomba Train feat. Nameless

8. Leo ni Leo

9. Nimefika 'Jo' feat Bigpin & K-rupt

10. Coast to Coast feat. Bucaneers

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