KENYA: Avril Afunguka Kuhusu Wimbo Wake Mpya ‘Uko’

Avril kutoka Kenya amefunguka kuhusu wimbo wake mpya ‘Uko’.

Mrembo huyo ameiambia Bongo5, wimbo huo unatokana na yale yaliyowahi kumtokea huko nyuma. “Uko is a song that just came from deep within. Life has taught me to question alot of the people who come in and out of lives. I Just felt right writing it,” amesema Avril.

“I decided to take on a different direction because music is evolving in Africa. It would be nice to experiment with different sounds. Cedo and I connected on that. I have so much in store this year. I will keep doing more music, and I definitely have a few surprises up my sleeve,” ameongeza.

Avril tayari pia ameachia video ya wimbo huo ambayo imeongozwa na J Blessing. Tazama hapa chini video hiyo.



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