#SpotlightArtist: O-mae

The hip hop scene in Kenya is very demanding and fast rising but rapper/ producer O-mae is one of the artists willing to give it his all till he fulfills his target vision which is to penetrate into the mainstream music scene.

Like most artists, the talented soft spoken rapper fell in love with music at a very young age, and while in Primary school he used to attend church alongside his elder sister who introduced him to the church choir.

"My sister introduced me to the school choir when i was in primary school but after i joined high school, i had to change my style of music to rap due to media influence and peer pressure from friends"

After completing high school in 2007, O-mae had a clear vision of the music style he wanted to pursue and he briefly worked under Maji Maji releasing a number of tracks which did not quite pick up well with audiences and with his hope in music diminished, he teamed up with one of his childhood friends to establish a recording studio 'Basslyn BMM' in Embakasi back in 2009.

After horning his skills in production, O-mae decided it was time to go back at doing music and since his revival the Embakassi based rapper has managed to release a number of songs that have managed to receive considerable amount of airplay in the country showing that indeed over the years he was able to pick up some lessons along the way;some of the songs include 'Turkana Pela' and 'Lupita Nyongo'

Although he is still regarded as an upcoming artist, O-mae is determined to make into the bigshot list of hip hop artists in Kenya based on the belief that “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”

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