Kris Eeh Baba 'My Baby' video almost out

"Let me start by asante umekua area, si nilikushow life itakua merrier, walikua wakikula kuku sisi next door tunakula products za Kuku, siku hizi Erroh amekafunga nilikua nimeparara sikuhizi me nadunga, nilikua nimesota lakini we ukachoose kuona nyota"

With such flawless lyrics how is it not possible to fall in love with Kris Eeh Baba's latest new track 'My Baby' , ever since it was made available on Mdundo fans have just gone bananas with it making it the #1 track on this weeks top 25 tracks.

The anticipation of-course is now building up for the visual aspect of the track, and as Kris revealed to Mdundo during an exclusive interview, the video will be out in the next two weeks

" The video is almost ready i had done the shoot last week but some things didn't quite work out well so I'm still shooting the video this week, but i can guarantee that by the end of this month it will be out, Its a really really good one and fans can be sure that they will not be dissapointed"

Mdundo will definitely keep you posted on the video but as we eagerly await, you can click on the link below to download the track straight to your phone.

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