#HipHopTuesday: Top 10 Hip hop songs

Its Hip hop Tuesday on Mdundo and since we know how dedicated and committed Hip hop fans are with their music, here are some of the Leading tracks so far here on Mdundo;

#10. Nini hukuinspire - Omae http://mdundo.com/song/10178

#9. Enzi Za Utoto - Songa http://mdundo.com/song/9857

#8. Uko Tu Sawa - Rabbit http://mdundo.com/song/7882

#7. Moto - Kayvo K-force http://mdundo.com/song/9311

#6. Fallen Rose - Songa http://mdundo.com/song/7154

#5. Ready or Not - Godzilla http://mdundo.com/song/9140

#4. I run the 254 - Khaligraph Jones http://mdundo.com/dl/9103

#3. Excuse Me Miss - Nikki Mbishi http://mdundo.com/dl/10371

#2. Blackstar - Octopizzo http://mdundo.com/dl/8831

#1. My baby - Kris Eeh Baba http://mdundo.com/dl/10181

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