Mombasa-based singer Sudi Boy has worked very hard to curve a niche
for himself in the Kenyan music industry and the same time still
keeping his Bongo music style.

The celebrated singer's,real name,Sudi Mohammed is known for his, unique style of singing which is always Swahili-themed. Some of his Hit songs include,Kule Kule,Naona Bado featuring TPF contestant Amileena,Kidonda and many more.

Sudi Boy's vocals give him a unique style,which goes well in collaborations with rappers.This explains his numerous projects with fellow Kenyan artistes,thanks to his alluring voice. Other than music,Sudi Boy has a personal life that he likes to keep off the public radar,but sadly he lost his dear wife,Salma Lutevesi,to the cruel hands of death back in August 2015 after she suffered from pneumonia.

It was the toughest and hardest time of his life because loosing a loved one is never easy for anyone. Sudi Boy and his wife were blessed with a cute daughter and had been together for 5 years. Sudi Boy revealed that his late wife was very supportive of him when he was making his way up the musical ladder and that she was a sole motivation even when he felt like giving up,plus his best friend. The celebrated coast artiste was at Kiss Fm Studios during Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru's breakfast show,where he talked about his love for music,when he started singing,and now he managed to get back up after his wife passed away.
"It has been a long journey in my music career,very challenging,but God was on my side.When I lost my loved one,that was the saddest time in my life,I treasure her up to now,and I will never forget the things we did and how we spent the time we were together".

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