Was this the band that inspired the sound of today's heavy rock bands in Kenya?

11 years since their last performance together, the hardcore punk band Class Suicide have discernibly become a legend within the rock scene in Kenya.

The band, who defined their sound as 'Crustcore,' - a melodic blend of punk and metal, released one 6 song album "Storm the Gates" in 2005, but did not release any other material to date.

One video exists of a performance of an unreleased song, "Nowhere to Hide." The video captures the band in it's raw element: dark melodies powered by explosive churning grooves. This song features the guest performance of Roy Levari, who is now a renowned guitarist with The Devil You Know, amongst other acts based out of Los Angeles. The footage also captures the audience jumping and screaming along as the band consistently builds up an atmosphere of intensity, that distinctly resembles the sounds an sights of the Rock shows post 2010 in Nairobi. Was this the band the forged the fundamental sound of rock in Kenya? Probably not because bands draw their influences from so many diverse sources it would be hard to make such a claim. Class Suicide patently was the band that forged a path for all rock bands to follow. They self produced their own record and shows and brought something wholly unique into the music scene that is tangible in the intimate engagement required demanded by the rock fans in Kenya. Beyond the concoction of brutality and melody weaved together into a sound, the effectual delivery of this sound in combination with engagement with the audience are the things Class Suicide were able to execute as part of their substance live.

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