Kidis makes his way into the charts with latest new track!

It seems the top four of this week are going to remain constant with Kris Eeh Baba leading the pack, however Kidis of Grandpa Records made his way into the charts with his latest new track that was released yesterday, 'Full Shangwe' along with Zaiid from Tanzania.

Here are the top 10 songs;

#10. Selina - Eric Wainaina WK Remix

#9. Dumbala Remix - Jay A feat. Sage, Kenrazy, Visita, Madtraxx & DNA

#8. Kioo - Jaguar

#7.Surface - Kenn Eddy Krezi

#6. Full Shangwe - Kidis

#5. Sijulikani - Zaiid

#4. .I run the 254 - Khaligraph Jones

#3. Blackstar - Octopizzo

#2. Born again- Eko Dydda

#1. My baby - Kris Eeh Baba

Eric Wainaina Selina WK Remix

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