Kris Eeh Baba coming to a town near you soon!

Kris Eeh Baba may be coming to a town near you soon during his tour starting at the end of this month.

"I am going to be having a tour from the 30th of March starting with Mombasa, then in April ill be in Narok and ill conclude with Eldoret," he shared with Mdundo during an interview.

The spirited performer who made his debut into the music scene with his hit single 'Mh Baba' that created a major buzz due to its unique and entertaining feel has been topping the Mdundo daily TOP1O charts the whole of this week with his new song 'My Baby' and as he shared he has a lot in store for the year ahead.

"This week I'm shooting some music videos for a few singles i have including 'Msalaba' and 'My Baby'. Hopefully by August ill have my "Watchman The Album' out," he added.

Be sure to download his songs by following the link below.

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