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Born in Nyeri,Othaya,Mucharage. Benson Nderitu Aka Katempa,Sings kikuyu Urban music. Humble and Industrious he believes (more)
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Katempa full names are Benson Ndiritu Kagunda. Katempa was born and raised from in Kenya, Nyeri County, Othaya subcounty, Mucharage village.

Katempa is a A Kikuyu Urban artist

Katempa popular hits,
- Kawira
- Maria
- Tene na tene
- Blocko and Mathagu.

Katempa is the CEO And the music producer at Tempire Records. Katempa also owns Tempire Tv & Tempire Ent. Company. Katempa is based in utawala Embakasi Nairobi county. Katempa started his music career back in 2007 when He was in high school At Giakanja Boys.

Katempa came into spotlight back in 2016 While studying at Kenyatta University
That is when He also started doing gigs and shows. He realized I had a thing for music back in 2007 at Giakanja high. He Used to play piano and perform live at Giakanja Boy's High School. It is then that He started writing his own songs.

Katempa is a diverse artist But right now He is concentrating on building a catalogue for Kikuyu Urban Genre. Katempa sound is different in terms of instrumentation, composition And performance. It includes more of the urban styles such as Reggae, dancehall ,zouk Which are done in kikuyu dialect.

Katempa was inspired by Harry Kimani, Ng'ang'alito, and boni Muchoki. Kenyan musician and politician Jaguar, comes from the same village as Katempa; Mucharage village.

Song Releases by Katempa
1.Muthamaki e.p
2.Gīthiī album
3.Nī Katempa (Compilation album).

Katempa latest release is "Marua Ma Divorce".

One of the best shows ever done by katempa was KaTempa Album Launch:"Kawira" . The Album launch gave Katempa the morale that he has to date.

Katempa has been involved in a music project such as "Menta Talanta" Where He was the lead.

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