UGANDA: Meet Capital K.E.N The Gifted Hands Behind Buzz Audios.

In this week’s producer edition, we bring to your one amazing and extraordinary talent whose production journey started with fruity loops.

He has worked with almost all the big artists in Uganda but despite having worked with all this huge talent he is calm and very down to earth.

Ken Ssebana the man behind Buzz Audio.

 Mdundo got an opportunity to know more about the magic behind his gifted hands.

Ken famously known as Capital K.E.N is a Ugandan Muganda born and raised and he works for buzz events and is the producer behind  Buzz Audio.


Producer Ken does his production with a young talent Talent Ivan Ssozi commonly known as Y Tud.


Who was also a musician but decided to put his music career on the side and focus on his passion which is music production.

Mdundo: When did you start music production and what inspired you to take on this venture?

Ken: I started production professionally in 2009. At Buzz Audios but well, as long as I remember music has been part of me.

 But it all started in my form 2, I got a computer program called fruity loops and that's how it all started.

 I started teaching myself how to make beats, the more I learnt the program the more interested I became in production and since then there was no looking back.

He has worked with various artists like Mun*G, Radio & weasel, Big trill, Vampino, Atlas, Rema, and many others and he has had a tremendous experience with them,

“The experience with all of them was amazing, coz each of them comes with a different vibe, u get madness from vampino, u get calmness from Rema, stubbornness from mun.G but they all have one thing in common... they're all very  talented and easy to work with.”

Among the things he has achieved in his career he puts the friendship he has made with the people he has worked with first,

“First and most important is I've made friends! Really good friends. Others are secondly, the material things, some money.”


Mdundo: What is the production industry like in Uganda?

Ken: The industry is tight, and growing very fast. There's a new producer coming up almost every day. (That's good). The sound is improving tremendously. I think am happy with the way the industry is, that said I must also note that there's still some improvement needed, in different areas of production.

He is working on a couple of new projects and mostly on young artists and he has assured us that he will share them with us the moment they are out.

At the moment he was only able to disclose one of the many young artists he has worked with and that is Bruno K.

Bruno is a young talent who rose to fame after he participated in the airtel trace music stars and he emerged as 1st Runner up and he has grown enormously in music career he has produced tracks like, Nkoye Okulowoza, make some love, still into you and many others and also did the juicy juicy remake which is viral and played in various bars.

Mdundo: How do people get to ken incase they want you to produce their music?

Ken is on social media, @Kenfromug on Twitter and instagram,

@Kenfromug2 on Snapchat,

Ken Ssebaana on Facebook.                            

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