KENYA: Willy Paul Reveals His Life is in Danger (DETAILS)

The Gospel Industry seems to be falling apart. Last week we heard reports from Bahati saying that he feared for his life after an alleged plot to destroy his name was uncovered.

And yesterday an exclusive report from Ghafla revealed that his compatriot and rival Willy Paul feels his life may be in danger after unknown assailants have been tailing him on Sunday and Monday.

According to the report Willy Paul now fears for his life after being trailed twice by suspicious people. The ‘Sitolia’ first noticed the suspicious individual last Sunday at the Thika Road Mall (TRM).

He described them as a gang of boys and said they kept staring at him while he was chatting with a friend.

Obviously for a celebrity staring is not an unusual thing however Willy felt uncomfortable and moved to a different spot when the boys couldn’t take their eyes off him.

Later while leaving the mall, he spotted a Toyota Probox tailing him but sped off and used a different road to get home.

The next day he says the same Probox, this time joined by another car which looked like a Toyota Caldina followed him from Nation Center all the way to Muthaiga.

This time Willy Paul was with his manager whom he was taking to Zimmerman, but when he noticed the cars were keeping up with his speed he accelerated and diverted towards Mathare.

Later his manager reported the matter to the police but police asked him to bring the singer so he can record a statement.

Willy who drives a car with customized number plates, with his name on them, has since been forced to switch to ordinary plates.

The singer said he’d not wronged anyone and had no idea who would want to threaten him.

Our effort to reach Willy Paul for comment bore no fruit.

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