KENYA: Bahati Threatens to Sue Willy Paul and Producer Teddy B After They Released Unfinished Collaboration Behind His Back

Whenever there’s controversy in the Gospel industry two names always seem to pop up, Bahati and Willy Paul. There’s has been a series of rivalry and beefs love and hate ever since the two youngsters started making music.

And the freshest scandal involving the two is of one of their past collaborations that went unreleased after disagreements between the two. This is according to a recent report from Ghafla’s CabuGah.

The self-proclaimed King of social media and blogger claims to have had an intimate chat with Bahati when the singer reveled that the song was released by Willy Paul and producer Teddy B, behind Bahati’s back.

According to the report, Bahati and Willy Paul had linked up in 2014 to record the song and Teddy B was the producer they were working with.

However before the song was even finished, the two were embroiled in arguments of regarding the royalties to the song and whose name would appear first, arguments that Bahati described as ‘petty’.

‘He (Willy Paul) started bringing up childish issues like whose name would appear first in the song, whose name would the Royalties be registered under, who would make the most from the song, who the song would belong to and so on and so forth.‘said Bahati.

It was then that Bahati realized the collaboration was a mistake and no longer wanted to go through with it.

His solution, he turned to producer Teddy B and asked him to delete the song which according to Bahati, he did so before his very eyes.

'I also told Teddy B to totally delete the song since I had lost all interest in it and I wasn't ready for the kind of fights Willy Paul had with Gloria Muliro over Sitolia. He deleted it. Or so I thought he did. He selected the song, pressed the delete button from his computer right in front of my eyes and I believed the song was gone forever. '

Come this morning Bahati received congratulatory remarks from fans and peers for finally working with Willy Paul, something that shocked the singer entirely.

'Even after Teddy B lied to me that he'd deleted the song completely, and wiped it out of his records for good, I was shocked to wake up this morning only to find my WhatsApp filled with people congratulating me for the song I've just done with Willy Paul, ' he said.

'I couldn't believe it! I then downloaded the song people were sharing with me on WhatsApp and listened... It's the same song! The same song we recorded in 2014! Teddy B didn't delete the song. He lied to me. He kept it somewhere, mastered it, assembled my verses together and leaked the song onto the Internet this morning!' he continued.

'I said I didn't want to be part of the collabo. I asked the producer to trash the song. I didn't want a fight with Willy Paul like the one he had with Gloria Muliro over their collabo. I was trying to avoid a fight and unnecessary drama. I said I'm out. And here we are,in 2016. The song has not just been finished but it has also been mastered, assembled and leaked to the Internet. This is unethical! '

'I want the public to know that Willy Paul is lying. He's a sleazy,cheeky little liar! His Producer is too. I am in no way involved in that song. I am not a part of it and it should not be treated as a Bahati /Willy Paul collabo. I've not talked to Willy Paul for years and I was lied to and fooled. I am outraged. '

Now Bahati says that his next move would be perhaps to sue the two for infringing on his rights.

This would not be the first time Willy Paul has been embroiled in arguments and legal battles over his songs. In recent years he has been accused of stealing other artists’ creations and claiming them as his own.

It’s a shame, the song the two are fighting over is quite well done. The two actually complement each other quite well in their musical styles and as fate would have it, the song had to reach the public one way or the other. And here it is.

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