UGANDA: How Radio And Weasel Celebrated 10 Years In The Music Industry

On Friday, I confirmed that Kyadondo is not an easy venue to fill up. It was 10 years of RAW. And I happened to enjoy from the General section with my colleagues and their wives. I was the only single man standing.

We got to the venue much earlier. And true to the common word, life is always on the other side of the General wing. Every moment some guy is throwing some funny one liner. Nothing is as interesting as seeing a human being act free.
What tends to happen in the VIP wings is signalling. Someone signalling wealth, fame or importance. In General, people are just real.

I hate to passively participate in any fun activity. I want to be actively involved. So yes, I decided to first ensure I had my dancing space. And then officially declared the 10 years of RAW.

So we start off with Deejay Nimrod on the decks. Then from there on it is upcoming artistes fighting for a chance on the stage.

At some point, there was a call for Dixon to come and save the situation. MC Fish comes with his own songs; “Mbalileemu mbalileemu…” and then that song with all the songs.

Exodus appears, Aziz Azion appears. Kent and Flosso appear. B2C appear. And another too many artistes whose names I could not decipher.

But the winner of them all is Gravity Omutujju. I think this guy is magical. I have never seen him bore his audience. This guy is a super performer. He puts you in this intense high energy and abandons you… that is what he did with his one and a half songs.

Some artistes like Lil Pazo requested that we save UG music. No way, UG music must save itself.

Anyway the magical duo lands on the stage some minutes past 9pm. They open up with their ‘Talk and Talk’song. Take us through NakudataNgenda Maaso, and many others.

 10 Years of Radio and Weasel concert

At Amaaso and 4 more songs , I choose to bow out. Get outside and offer some of my extra tickets to some people waiting outside.

Then I noticed that Kyadondo was not full. And it is because Goodlyfe are not awesome musicians but people are generally poor at the moment.

The sound was fairly good, performance great…. but attendance fell short of the 10 years expectations.


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