NEW MUSIC (KENYA): Anto Neosoul’s Fans Would Kill To Listen To His Track Produced By Navy Kenzo’s Nahreel

The local music industry has grown over the years, producing some of the greatest acts not only regionally but internationally too. We have witnessed some of our very own winning prestigious awards and some even getting nominated, and as we all know, nominations are a big deal out here.

Anto Neosoul is a sweetheart to many, and we can debate about that all day an I’ll still stick to my word. That tiny person has a killer voice that to date, has shocked many people.

His mode of making music has blown people away and he has over the years changed the way he makes his music, which has favoured him greatly.

Human beings tend to get tired of something really fast, and his main aim to make sure that doesn’t happen, hence changing his music style every so often.

The element of surprise is something we relish and he has been a perfect example of this. We have all been fans of his songs like, Sensimilia, Sijafika Mwisho, Kata Kata, Paid My Dues, Chips Funga, Addicted and also featured in DK Kwenye Beat’s jam Sari Sari.

Well, Anto has decided to shut the music industry with a brand new jam that none of y’all have heard. The new jam, Closer was first premiered on Kiss FM, with Adelle Onyango on her famous show, Urban Africa.

I have personally listened to the jam and I’m not even going to sugar coat anything, it’s too dope to be true. Produced by Navy Kenzo’s Nahreel, Closer is totally different from any of his jams, with a banging beat and well thought out lyrics.

Ever since it was premiered, Anto’s fans have demanded on countless occassions that they want the jam, or else they’ll look for other means to get the jam.

I can’t release the song till the 30th and ever since it was premiered on Kiss, I’ve been getting messages from people demanding for the release of the audio or else, they’ll kill me or pirate it,” he spoke to Kiss FM website.

The song will be released on 30th September together with a smoking hot video. So for now we’ll have to wait patiently for the grand release.

This song will definitely be a banger in Africa and even beyond.


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