TANZANIA: I Don't Fear Anyone - Dogo Janja

Dogo Janja is a bongo flava artist who has made a niche and a name in the Tanzanian music scene and got a chance in the game because of his swagger and his style of dressing. Recently, Dogo had an interview in Times FM and opened up about everything on his music and he said he fears no one. Apart from Madee becoming his father in music, he has also played a big role in the rapper's life. As he was talking in Twenzetu show, Times Fm, Janja thanked Madee for his continued support and he said he would not have done music at all if not him. The Kidebe hitmaker, also added that Young Dee has nothing to tell him, as Young Dee talked ill about him in a previous interview at The Playlist Show.

"I don't think this is the right time to talk about Young Dee. The music I do is so big, Young Dee is not my level, I need to talk about big things. I fear no one, I repeat I fear no one", he said Janja. For now, Dogo Janja has just released a new track which goes by the name," Ukivaaje Unavaaje".

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