Aahh Aaah Mmmhhh Uwo uwo "Echo" Mmh mmmhh mmhhh mmmhmmh....

*Verse 1*
Dear Lord najua unaniona nang'ang'ana napambana huku jua lanichoma ona oh Mmh' Leo nahabaari fuupi naomba niseeme naawe japo najuaa unayaona baba weeh, Ama nilile tunda alopewa hawa ndo linalotusababishia haya mana sieleewi' sieleewi' sieleewi Mmh" Nashangaa mtu anakuchukia bila sababu anachotaka kila siku upate tabu, Mbiombio kila siku kwa Babu onah ooh' Aaahh
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