Artist of the day: Mejja aka Okonkwo

Mejja Meme Hadhija aka Okwonko has come a long way to establish himself as one of the most accomplished and sought after genge artists in the country.

Born and raised up in Majengo slums in Nyeri town, the heavily built Mejja started doing music while still in Primary school, at the time he could was not able to write his own lyrics and therefore had to borrow content from his friends at school.

The harsh and difficult upbringing in the informal settlement did not disrupt his dream of being a top musician in the country and his friends at school usually encouraged him to keep doing what he loved most, music.

Due to his passion for music, Mejja teamed up with his brother called Wambugu and formed a rap group called Ghetto Clan that used to perform in low key events in Nyeri town.

His rise to fame came a step closer when he emerged second during a talent search competition held by Airtel and Calif Records CEO Clemmo noticed the prowess and skills he possesed taking him up mentoring and establishing him to be the artist he currently is.

In 2008, his song “Jana Kuliendaje” became a massive hit thrusting the new star into the limelight, giving him recognition as one of the hottest new stars in the game and gaining him his first award at the 2008 Chaguo La Teeniez Awards.

He remained engraved in fans minds from there on especially due to his comical interpretations in his music videos and his witty lyrics that always keep fans entertained and has maintained an element of consistency producing hit after hit each year most recently teaming up with Grandpa Records Pizzo Dizzo in the chart topping single 'Quality ka hizo'.

He is most certainly one of the most down to earth artists and is on the right path of success.

Download any of your favourite Mejja tracks through the link below.

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