New video alert: Latest new viral track in town

At first it was 'Kanungo' by Otieno Aloka then came along Ken Wa Maria with his hit track 'Fundamentals' now its soon going to be “kairetu ka Nairofi” by Cartel and the funny Alfayo and Mugithi artist Gathee wa Nyeri .

The song incorporates elements of Benga, Mugithi and Katenga style drums giving it a unique feel that quite honestly i have never heard or witnessed before.

The song celebrates the beauty of the Nairobi woman and all the lines are about how precious the Nairobi woman is, Cartel does well with this song bringing out his funny side in this hilarious video.

After a short hiatus from the music scene, Alfayo features in this song churning out his comedy inspired lyrics in a manner that will make you laugh your heart out; however he still possesses his charming personality that once made him a favourite artist.

Gathe wa Nyeri is the hit in this song, this Nyeri guy gives the song an unique and sweet Mugithi sound as he displays his skills on the guitar.

Have a look at the video below:

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