Gloria Muliro and Willy Paul new track Kitanzi finally out!

It seems that the dynamic duo Willy Paul and Gloria Muliro can produce nothing short of amazing music when they come together as clearly proven in their latest single ‘Kitanzi’ whose video was made available to the public two days ago gaining a total of over 14,000 views combined from both artists YouTube pages so far.

The video is shot in a rural set up with both artists taking up opposite roles; while Willy Paul plays the role of someone who has given up in life and lost all hope, Gloria acts as the helping hand encouraging him not to give up in life and keep believing.

Though last year Willy Paul was shed in the negative light and attacked of not doing anything close to gospel music and being blasphemous, he really has proven that he deserves all the great praise he receives for his music through this song and demonstrates his amazing talent through the video.

You can watch the video first hand here

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