AudioPlay Music

Today, am gonna teach you how to download your favourite music from "audioplay.wapkiz" this website was new for downloading music for both basic phones small or button phone & mini android phone.
1. Go to google or any search engine and search for "audioplay.wapkiz" You can also log on into website directly at
2. After splash screen (welcome msg) tap continue button and it wil leads u to main/home page! You can choose any of your favourite music their!
3. Scroll down to listen to it if your phone browser supported it and tap download button.
4. When tap download button it wil lead to you to another page with many download button! Ohps don't be confused!
5. Tap the one with your music file name with "audioplay.wapkiz" it wil be in plain red if your phone supported it. E.g
6. Check all the page footer to know more about that new website that beat wapkiz downloading site

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