3 Favourite Uganda Artists For Simi

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Written by Pharis Kinyua

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Nigerian songstress Simi is championing the cause of unity and collaboration in the African music scene. Born Simisola Bolatito Kosoko, the soulful singer recently shared her thoughts on Ugandan artists who, in her opinion, have the potential to make waves in the Nigerian music market.

During a press interaction on Saturday, preceding her headline performance at the "Best of Kampala" concert at Garden City Upper Terrace in Uganda, Simi highlighted the talent of Ugandan musicians who she believes could permeate the Nigerian music scene. While acknowledging that not many Ugandan artists are widely known in Nigeria, Simi singled out Joshua Baraka as a musician who stands a chance of expanding his listenership to the West African nation.

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"I have heard about Joshua Baraka…I just got to learn about him recently,"" Simi shared. Her endorsement serves as a nod to the possibility of cross-cultural collaboration within the African music industry. Simi expressed her desire for more African countries to find success in the Nigerian market, mirroring the way Nigerian music has made its mark globally.

"It would be nice if we had more African countries that seep into the Nigerian market the way our music seeps into other countries," Simi remarked, emphasizing the importance of fostering a pan-African musical identity.

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Cindy Sanyu and Eddy Kenzo are two other Ugandan artists Simi commended for their promising talent. Notably, she revealed a previous interaction with Eddy Kenzo, showcasing the interconnectedness of African artists. ""For Kenzo, I spoke with him some time back,"" Simi disclosed, emphasizing the collaborative spirit that exists among musicians across the continent.

However, when asked about other Ugandan artists like Fik Famaica, Simi admitted, ""Who?... I have not heard about that one. Not yet anyway, but maybe…who knows?"" Her candid response highlights the vastness of the African music landscape and the continual discovery of new talents.

Simi also shared insights into her music discovery process, citing radio exposure and recommendations from friends as significant sources. The singer admitted to not being an avid listener of music outside Nigeria but acknowledged the power of recommendations and direct messages from fans in introducing her to new sounds.

The "Best of Kampala" concert marked Simi's first visit to Uganda, showcasing her commitment to experiencing and appreciating the diverse musical cultures across the African continent. As the headliner of the event, Simi's presence not only electrified the audience but also underscored the potential for cross-border collaborations that can elevate African music on the global stage.

Simi's openness to embracing and endorsing artists from other African countries sends a powerful message of unity and collaboration within the continent's music industry. In an era where borders are becoming increasingly irrelevant in the world of entertainment, Simi stands as a beacon of cultural exchange, celebrating the rich musical tapestry that Africa has to offer. As she continues her musical journey, Simi's advocacy for the integration of diverse African sounds is sure to resonate and inspire both artists and fans alike. 

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