Kwesi Arthur - Pain Interlude (Official Music Video)

Photo: YouTube

By Kinyua Mwangi

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Ghana's rap sensation, Kwesi Arthur has just released the official music video to his first single of 2023, 'Pain Interlude'. 

In the visual, he brings out the hidden meaning of the song centred around betrayal through a boxing match and an unreasonable partner. In the ring, the visuals embody his words ‘no gain without pain’ and in betrayal, he has a lifetime nightmare in his partner who is extremely unhappy and inconceivable. He highlights the negative effects of betrayal on a person. With this intensely emotional song, he also expresses his inner weight to the world by delving deeply into his past and present.

The music, which is more reflective, comes after a few weeks of collaboration with Kofi Mole. Given Kwesi Arthur's creative abilities, it is hardly surprising that the words are contemplative.

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'Pain Interlude' is supported by an excellent hip-hop beat created by A SWXG, and is a means of expressing the sorrow of betrayal, lost friendship, and the incredulity of those who were supposed to understand his aspirations and support him. But despite the lack of allegiance, he displays his pain at being let down by others. He is open, upfront, truthful, and transparent about his relationship issues.

While everything seems to be working against him, he decides to stay put and overcome hardship. He has figured out how to endure suffering, and his lyrics metaphorically express this. In the end, ‘Pain Interlude’ music video shows a man who beats the odds and emerges victorious for simply understanding the dynamic of hurtful periods in life. Check out the video via YouTube below: -

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