Weekend Recapp; Juls and Mutoriah For Blankets & Wine

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

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Quarantine in the house without the club is still happening and to bless the long weekend, which many people might not notice was the Blankets & Wine team. They really curated a weekend for their fans to match a festival of sorts in the house.

The week starts with the team announcing that Mutoriah and Juls will be performing for the fans. They have their graphics people releasing some dope art work for the posters.

Mid-week the B&W team release a curated playlist for the people; because you need to familiarize yourself with music by the artist(s) you are going to watch. The mellow and groovy playlist is created by Wanyuru and you can still access it from the B&W socials/YouTube.

On said day, which was last night, Mutoriah is the first to perform. He starts off on the keys setting up. He takes us through a set featuring music from his ‘Dive In’ album. Mutoriah is very experimental with both sound and instruments and so his set is chill and really out of this world.

Get Juls' music here

Juls gets on stage from 9:00pm and he is all decked up, literally and figuratively. As Juls is performing, you understand why these two super-artists are slated for performance on the same night; they are both very experimental and creatively playful with their music like they complement each other well-well.

Get both Mutoriah and Juls’ albums on different streaming sites. Catch up with how fun the weekend was for us on the B&W socials for clips and IGTV clip of the B&W Ndani gig.


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