Watch Halsey in steamy 'You Should be Sad' video

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

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Y’all leaving your exes mad or happy that you left? Well, it looks like according to Halsey, ‘You Should be Sad’ is what you should leave on when you take the left and feel very happy about it.

 ‘You Should be Sad’ is Halsey’s anthem now that she feels happy about leaving one of her lovers (she does not name drop). She references being glad to not having a baby with said ex and said ex being a very empty person. It sounds like a diss track, just that it is not hip-hop so we are not too sure how to classify this one.

Halsey uses this song to marry country music sound with the pop rock sound and the result is very melancholic for the mood and boppy but chill for the sound. She goes on to layer he voice at different tones to have the song feel like it has harmony from beginning to end which is genius and sort of her signature.

The video uses a lot of low lights, like the lighting of any country club shown in movies, cream placed against red and green. Every person who appears in the song is endowed in dark clothes. There is a lot of drama in the dancing and the make-up for everyone and especially Halsey.

Grab a hat and your boots and enjoy Halsey in ‘You Should be Sad’.

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