d'smoke drops heat with new single 'Honey Jack'

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

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I bet you have never thought that Neo-soul would sound nice when a hip-hop lays bars over it. Well, D’Smoke is the gift that gives on beating because he has allowed us to enjoy this excellence in his latest song ‘Honey jack’.

The Rhythm & Flow winner shows off his rap style and flow and great lyricism in Honey jack with great delivery. He in many ways mirrors K. Dot and Cole and partly SiR yet he still manages to retain his originality as D’Smoke. He is really great with his smooth but intentional style of rapping and delivery which makes him soothing to the ear yet commanding of anyone’s attention.

Honey Jack is really D speaking on struggles of the black folk in Inglewood yet their need to celebrate and to be accorded with that chance to celebrate themselves. The video is set in a burlesque club that feels very soulful; sort of a neo-soul very slow soul train era. There is a lot of merry and dancing in the video.

D’Smoke is clearly just starting out in this journey and 2020 will definitely be the year the Rhythm & Flow winner blows up. Catch a vibe with D’Smoke on Honey Jack.


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