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What is Kapuka Music?

Kapuka popularly referred to as Boomba is a genre of music that originates from Kenya. It is often described as a combination of Hip Hop, Reggae, and other local genres.

Where did it come from?

Its emergence and growth are attributed to the Ogopa Deejayz record label. In the early 2000s, two record labels; Ogopa Deejayz and Calif Records, were among the main stakeholders in the industry. Their activities laid a strong foundation for the Kenyan music industry. In an effort to take their songs to the next level and make it unique, each label developed its unique style of music as an identity. Calif Records came up with a style known as ‘Genge’ while Ogopa Deejayz developed ‘Kapuka’. Each of the styles gradually grew into independent genres.

The genre largely uses Swahili and Sheng’ languages. The genre developed from the estates of Nairobi City and, therefore, the diction in the lyrics of the songs reflects the urban life that the youth experience in those estates. In some cases, artists have used the English language in a bid to expand their market beyond the borders. The genre earned its name from the beats of the songs. The instrumentals used in Boomba are fast but bear a specific signature pattern. It is this pattern that differentiates it from other genres.It gained popularity over the years with its success stretching beyond the borders of Kenya. The genre became successful in Uganda thanks to Jose Chameleone and Bebe Cool who had been part of Ogopa Deejayz. The label also opened its branches in Namibia and South Africa where it continued to market Kapuka/Boomba. Unfortunately, the growth of the genre was decelerated after Ogopa Deejayz’s key producer Philo left the label. The producer who had served at the label for a long time and had immense contribution to the creation of Kapuka sound left a void that could not be easily filled. The label was further forced to close its Namibian branch and retreat home.

Over time, other genres such as Genge which evolved into Gengetone, and Bongo started swallowing and overshadowing Kapuka. With Ogopa Deejayz having gone formant, very few artists were left to popularize and sell the genre. The genre, nonetheless, still exists although its beats have been slightly modified. Majority of artists who had identified themselves with this genre also went silent with a few of them such as Nameless, Wahu, and P-Unit still active. The unfortunate death of the legendary star artist E-Sir was also a major blow to the genre. Boomba played a major role in the evolution of the Kenyan music industry as it not only laid its foundation, but also protected the industry from the invasion of foreign songs from countries such as South Africa, Nigeria, and Tanzania.

Who are the most popular artists in this genre?

- NamelessAmani
- E-Sir
- Mr. Gooz
- Vinnie Banton
- Mr. Lenny
- Big Pin
- The Kleptomaniacs
- Camp Mulla
- Jose Chameleone
- Redsan
- Bebe Cool
- P-Unit
- K-South
- Wahu
- K-Rupt
- Tattuu
- Logombas
- Deux Vultures
- Alpha
- Kenzo
- Boomba Boiz
- Gal Level
- Silas
- Trapee
- Marya
- Colonel Moustapha
- Avril Kenya and Peter Miles, among others.

What are some of the most popular songs in this category?

- Kapuka - K-South
- Tuendelee - Kleptomaniax
- What Is Kapuka - Kleptomaniax
- Swing Swing - Kleptomaniax
- Kamata by E-Sir
- Gentleman - P-Unit
- Githurai - Mr. Lenny
- Tuendelee - Kleptomaniax
- Leta Wimbo - Sema Moritz
- Haree - Kleptomaniax
- Furahia - Kleptomaniax
- Moss Moss - E-Sir
- Hamunitishi - E-Sir
- Leo Ni Leo - E- Sir

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