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Spyro Attributes His Success to Prayer and Self-Affirmation

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Nigerian musician Spyro wasn’t as popular as he is today, thanks to his hit song ‘Who Is Your Guy’ released in early 2023.

He released this song in January 2023 and followed it up with the release of a remix featuring Tiwa Savage and it blew up pushing him to stardom.
His is a story of grace after trying moments in life and it only took one song to change his outlook on things.

Who is Spyro the Singer?

Naija musician Spyro is a Lagos native. He was born on the 1st of October 1997 and grew up in this state as Oludipe David Oluwasanmi. His love for music started at an early age and it morphed into his songwriting and performing skills. He has fond memories growing up in the city because it sparked his love for music.
Lagos has a thriving and active creative community that promotes and supports artistic endeavours. The community here has the talent effect and this offers artists a supportive environment to flourish and Spyro is a beneficiary of all this.

Further, cultural diversity in the city comes with lessons which he admits that they fostered artistic expression and innovation. His schooling at Mainland children’s school and later Model College in Meiran for his high school shaped his creative path. It was at the University of Ibadan that he felt confident enough to pursue music professionally and wrote half a dozen singles.

How Old Is Spyro The Nigerian Musician?

He is 26 years old and is currently based in Lagos as a musician, songwriter and performing artist. His exact date of birth is October 1, 1997 and his status as an upcoming artist is an inspiration to many people.

Which Church Does Spyro Attend?

Growing up in a Christian family meant going to church was not negotiable and it cultivated his love for music. He religiously attended and still attends Harvesters International Christian Center founded by Pastor Bolaji Idowu. Spyro always gives a testimony of how Next Level Prayers programme in this church unlocked doors for him as a musician.

‘Billing’ which he released in 2022 and curtain raised ‘Who Is Your Guy’ came after the prayers at Harvesters International Christian Center. The ‘For You’ hitmaker revealed in a past Instagram post, telling people of the power of prayer.

“My God is good and kind to me and I am a product grace. Fasted for four days while joining #nlp before releasing #billing,” a part of his post read. From the prayers and guidance by Pastor Idowu, he visualized his success and boldly spoke about his dreams after years of trying unsuccessfully.
The song set the stage for him to release a remix with Tiwa Savage and a follow up to it ‘Count Your Blessings’.

What is Spyro's Net Worth?

Spyro, the musician has an estimated net worth of $30, 000 (N13 million) as of 2023 most of which comes from his musical exploits. He confesses that life wasn’t as rosy before tapping on Tiwa Savage for the remix on ‘Who Is Your Guy’. The song’s release in March opened up his musical space and fortunes which he captures in ‘Count Your Blessings’.