A.K.A Burundi,
Rymes nono ka strungi,
Zao ni matusi naleta Rwanda,
Makonde, kumadwa kabla siku saba, sita saba sir simon, cybernetic cyborg, hizo mistari mbili wangepelekea shylock , padlock nimefunga biz new news toka hapa hadi berlin, highly flamable niite benzin mad scientist wkazidi nita release clone ina DNA ya Hitler spider na E-sir, wataogopa wa contemplate kuokoka kufunga vilemba ka Wilbroda, Holy Moses, meet the real itchy fingers, calculation ya infinite figures, hii ni imla si insha kukula pizza na gizzard yani East meets West, Blizzard nawageuza lizzards juu wana mbio ya snail reason train ili derail

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