Zimbabwe Hip Hop [Harare To Bulawayo]

Zimbabwean Hip hop STARTED IN 1990S with artist such as Denim Woods, Cyprian and Hanna jumpstarting the game. Zimbabwean hip hop is one of the best in Africa in terms of quality, it also has a distinct identity from American hip hop. Some songs were so good that rappers like Louis Armstrong and Nate Dogg, Snoop Dogg, Warren G made new music using Zimbabwean samples.

Have listen to Zimbabwe music, on Zimbabwe music television Jive TV and the hip hop artist doesn't fake anything. They stick to the script on what hip hop is, its not a cut paste job for anyone to find in Zimbabwe. These are prodigies who have owned there skills over decades with or without international collaboration they make quality, original African hip hop.

Zimbabwe artist use very clear beats this means that they concentrate on conscious hip hop over feel good hip hop. This is an incredible achievements considering the Zimbabwean beats has evolved with time. There are artist who use Drill Beats while there are those who use trap, but its still banging because of the clarity of the message. There instruments align with American South but make not mistake its distinct and better from an African Perspective.

Have listen to artist GZE, Soul Jah Love, Holy Ten and Tashamiswa and this performers are as real as real can be. Rappers are good if they make Good Music but this rappers are great. Have seen many top 10 list of rappers in Africa but people are into music as it is and not numbers numbers are just bonus. In African I would rank Zimbabwean hip hop high its not numbers but facts.

Africa is diverse and its difficult to predict what the future of Hip hop may hold. Its difficult even to know how the dynamics will be established, this is due to Africa having so many countries. Culture and tradition play a big part but one thing is certain among many African countries there will be more of hip hop culture.This is in the near future be it Dance,Mcing,Rap or Art.

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