Serena Bata: Artists will Flee Uganda if Gov’t Doesn’t Re-open Entertainment Sector Soon

[Image Source: Brayo Pictures]

By Gloria

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Ugandan artist Serena Bata has explained why there is an increase in number of Ugandan artists going abroad for shows, noting that since they can’t perform in the country, they are seeking audience elsewhere.

Speaking to BBS, Bata noted that artists are trying to survive because they don’t know when the country will be fully re-opened.

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According to Bata, if the country is not re-opened soon, artists will seek greener pastures elsewhere, as they cannot continue surviving with no income.

"We have nothing to do here in Uganda and there is no hope that the president will let us step back on stage at a designated time. Music is our job and it helps us take care of our families. Even if you saved up a lot of money, you can't survive for two years without working. Remember you are spending every day," Serena Bata said.

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Serena Bata, who has a concert in December at Mutukula; the international border between Uganda and Tanzania called upon all music fans to get vaccinated as it is the only way the entertainment sector can be reopened soon.

"I feel so sad because people are yearning to watch me perform. But I call upon every music fan to go and get vaccinated because it is the only thing that is stopping artists from performing," Serena Bata said.

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