Iyanii Reveals Inspiration Behind His Viral ‘Pombe’ Hit

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By Omondi

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‘Pombe’ by Iyanii is arguably one of the best party songs in the country at the moment. Released two weeks ago, the song has taken the country by storm.

‘Pombe’ is a Swahili world that loosely translates to ‘alcohol’ in English. As the name suggests, the entire is about alcohol and its effects on Iyanii.

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Speaking during an exclusive interview with Mdundo, Iyanii revealed the inspiration behind the song, noting that he wanted to showcase how ‘Pombe’ brings out the different characters of people.

“Pombe ilikua vibe, ukiangalia place nimelelewa hapa Mathare, nimeona wasee wakikata maji. Watu walikuwa wakikata maji, msee anakuja akanuwa muongo sana, ama msee akikata maji ndio unagundua talent  yake, ooh, kumbe huyu msee anaweza dance…Nlifeel nkiweka hizi vitu kwa song itakua good vibe na wasee watakuwa in a position to relate,” he said.

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‘Pombe’ has been received well in the country and currently has over 400,000 views on YouTube, with more expected in the coming days.

As a way of keeping the vibe, Iyanii says he is working on an EP that is expected to drop in the near future.

“I’m working on an EP inaitwa Memories EP. Ilikuwa inafaa kutoka but me ni msee napenda kuperfect vitu so naperfectisha tracks ziko kwa EP, with time zitatoka tu,” he said.

Watch His Entire Interview HERE.


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