Top Trending Swahili RnB Songs in September 2021 [Video]

[Image Source: Arrow Bwoy Instagram]

By Lydia M Joshua

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Rhythm and Blues (RnB) is the genre of love, and by now we do know that love makes the world go round. What’s even better is when the love message is delivered in your native language.

Quoting the great president of South Africa, the late Nelson Mandela, ‘when you speak to someone in a language that he understands that goes to his head, but when you speak to him in his language, that goes to his heart’.

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Recently, several local artists released hot new Swahili RnB jams which have been trending in this month of September. The artists include; Nviiri, Arrowbwoy, Otile, Nadia and many others. This article reviews the top trending Swahili RnB songs in September 2021.

Raha - Arrowbwoy ft Nadia Mukami

‘Raha’ is a groovy Swahili RnB love song in which Arrowbwoy and Nadia celebrate the happiness they have found in their relationship, through a harmonized melody.

Liwe - DJ Ike ft Otile Brown

‘Liwe’ is a groovy heartbreak song in which Otile sings about giving up on love due to his girlfriend’s nagging nature. Bringing a different side of himself, Otile smoothly switches his intonations throughout the song as he tries to educate his lover on how to love.

KooKoo - Hopekid ft Nicah

The Queen ‘Kookoo’ is a groovy Swahili love song story scripted from a courtship perspective, whereby the lady is pleading her case of faithfulness and loyalty as she asks the man for a ring to seal the deal.

Walete - Sudi Boy ft Masauti and DJ Deklak

‘Walete’ is a groovy Swahili RnB song in which Sudi Boy, Masauti and DJ Deklack urge their friends to bring more beautiful ladies to the party because they are well-prepared to host.

Like You - Brown Mauzo

‘Like You’ is an upbeat love song in which Mauzo heaves praises on his lover, as he describes the qualities that make her unique including her physical beauty and good manners.

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