Weekend Roundup: Mejja, Mbogi Genje ft Khaligraph, Wanavokali and Benzema Drop New Hot Music

[Photo Credit: Mejja Instagram]

By Lydia M Joshua

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Weekends are the perfect time to relax and share beautiful moments with friends and family. Nothing makes our weekends better than listening to hot new music from our favorite artists. Luckily this weekend, several renowned artists including Mejja, Mbogi Genje, Khaligraph Jones, Rich Mavoko, and Wanavokali blessed their fans with hot new music releases. This article is a weekend roundup, focusing on new music from our renowned Kenyan artists.

Siku Hizi Ni KuBad - Mejja

‘Siku Hizi Ni Kubad’ is an upbeat Genge jam performed by Mejja. The song touches on important themes which affect our society including excessive greed in families, churches, and hospitals. In addition to greed, Mejja also expounds on the sad state of most relationships which are ravaged by infidelity and lies.

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Warena - Mbogi Genje ft Khaligraph Jones

This weekend fans of Mbogi Genje aka The Sheng Masters and Khaligraph Jones were treated to a new collaborative jam dubbed ‘Warena’. ‘Warena’ is a song where all the featured artists insist that they are the best in the game as they drop new Sheng lingo for their fans. ‘Warena’ has been received well and is currently trending at number eight on YouTube, with over 190,000 views.


Nidonoe - Rich Mavoko

Rich Mavoko is back with a new hot jam dubbed ‘Nidonoe’. ‘Nidonoe’ is an upbeat love song, in which Rich showers praises on a beautiful girl who knows how to dance. The video is well executed as we see Rich tied on a chair while a beautiful girl dances seductively in front of him.


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Rhumba - Wanavokali

‘Rhumba’ is Wanavokali’s latest jam. The upbeat jam pays homage to the golden era of Rhumba music and culture. The jam tells the story of two strangers whose passions have been ignited, dancing the night away. Set against the backdrop of smooth silky vocals and laced with modern trap beats, the feel-good party song is a constant reminder that you do not need money to have a good time and that it is always the right time to “shoot-your-shot”.


Freshy - Benzema and H_art The Band

‘Freshy’ is an upbeat love song in which Benzema and all the members of H_art the Band try their best to win the heart of a beautiful girl, by dropping the best pick-up lines that they have. Surprising their fans with excellent harmonization Benzema and H_art the Band showed up uniquely on this song as they ride on each other’s energy to create a sure hit song.


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