Debate Emerges over the Ex in Nikita Kering’s Hit Song ‘Ex’

[Photo: Nikita Kering Twitter]

By Lydia M Joshua

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A raging debate has emerged on Twitter as fans of renowned Kenyan artist Nikita Kering sought to identify the Ex mentioned in her latest hit song ‘Ex’, which dropped a month ago.

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Taking to Twitter to address the speculations, Nikita revealed that the song wasn’t about her Ex at all.

“EX ain't about my EX,” she posted.

Nikita’s clarification sparked a debate on her comment section as netizens agreed and disagreed with her post.

The fans who agreed with her expressed that they understood the song from a point of art and lauded her creativity.

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“You don't have to explain we know it's Art.. and we really don't care .. we just love the music,” one fan opined.

On the other hand, those in disagreement explained that they believed she was able to channel the pain from the breakups to create great music.

“I think they should keep breaking your heart because it leads to great music,” one fan posted.

Apart from the debate, other fans also praised Nikita’s artistry and creativity with many urging her to continue shinning and realizing quality music.

“Listened to the track today. The vocals arrangement Wueeeh..Pure Bliss n Talent. GO go, Girl,” another fan praised.

Meanwhile, ‘Ex’ video is still trending on YouTube with almost a million views in one month.

‘Ex’ is a heart-wrenching jam about love, in which Nikita describes a person who craves true love, but does not want to go through a breakup, so they try their best to stay in a relationship despite the doubts they have.

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