Zuchu's Sukari and Four Other Most watched Female Bongo Videos

[Photo: Yinga]

By Paul A.

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There is stiff competition in the bongo music scene, with female artists equally jostling for the bongo queen crown. The competition is exhibited in the views attained by their music videos. This article ranks the most viewed female bongo videos of all time.

Be Encouraged by Psalms 118:14

Sukari - Zuchu

The song continues to hold its status as the track of 2021. From the catchy lyrics to Zuchu's mellow voice, the video did not disappoint. The video gives us the Sukari moments. So far, the video has hit 32 million views in just three months, making it the most viewed female video in Tanzania.


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Iokote - Maua Sama

Before Zuchu, this video was the most viewed among female bongo musicians. The video announced Sama to the bongo music scene with a bang. The vocals and song's production were well represented in the video. The video has now amassed 21 million views.


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Cheche- Zuchu ft Diamond Platnumz

These two are currently a bongo music powerhouse. This is the first video that united the two. The videos' popularity stems from the fact that both were the main vixens. The video has hit 20 million views on YouTube.


Litwachoma - Zuchu ft Diamond Platnumz

It is evident Zuchu is dominating the list, and it not a surprise. In the Litwachoma video, both Zuchu and Diamond acted as main vixens also as lovers. The combination is bound to attract attention. The video has 16 million views.


Acha Lizame - Nandy ft Harmonize

This video was characterized by some explicit scenes hence the popularity. Currently, both Nandy and Harmonize are among the top musicians in Tanzania. The video has hit eight million views.


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