Kid Kora Explains Why He Left ‘The Kansoul’

[PhotoCredit: Man Like Kora Instagram]

By Lydia M Joshua

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Renowned Kenyan artist Kid Kora has explained why he left The Kansoul music group, citing that he wanted to take a new direction with his music.

In a series of posts on his Instagram stories, Kid Kora whose Instagram account is dubbed ‘Man Like Kora’ noted that leaving the group impacted his mental and physical health positively.

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“Funny how I left this group and everything toxic in my life….then things changed for me. Started putting on some weight. confidence is through the roof. Hair growing skin glowing,” part of the Instagram story read.

He also alleged that the rest of the members were unfair when it came to income distribution.

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He uploaded a picture of Mejja, Madtraxx, and himself with the message, “Mafans wakiuliza ‘Mbona umekonda na wakona vitambi’ Ni ju chakula ni ya watu watatu na sahani ni mbili.”

Kid Kora also added that he was not happy to do songs that degraded women, adding that he had tried to plead with the group to take a new direction to no avail.

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In his last Instagram story on the topic, he alleged that the rest of the members had played him but added that he had no ill feelings.

“No bad blood. You do you. Ama do me. But to find out y’all played me. In a time when I was in trenches. Son blocked out of school. I let karma get you. My peace is more valuable than the money owed. May the love flow,” he concluded.

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