Willy Paul Blasts His Management for Declining His Collabo with Gengetone Artists

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By Lydia M Joshua

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Renowned Kenyan artist Willy Paul has blasted his management for refusing to let him collaborate with Gengetone artists in the country citing that their songs don't make sense.

The outspoken artist took to Instagram to express his sadness over his recently released album ‘Songs of Solomon’, which he said was supposed to have ten songs but the management said no to the tenth song due to the fact that it was a collaboration with Gengetone artists.

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 “Hey everyone, today I feel very sad..something I've kept to myself since I released my album ..anyway, #SONGSOFSOLOMONALBUM has only 9 songs... truth is... songs zinafaa kuwa 10 but unfortunately my management said no to the 10th song.. they said there's no way watakubali niimbe na wasani wa gengetone. That' hao wasee hawana sense kwa songs zao!! Surely how can one say that kwa mtu mwenye anatry kuweka food kwa meza?? The same gengetone artists wenye wanakataa niimbe nao ndio walifanya kenya ikasahau west african songs na watu wakaanza kufocus na mziki yetu.. this is unacceptable sio poa!!! Yes I have a contract with my team but wakikosea lazima waambiwe and looking down on people isn't right!!!” he captioned. (Sic)

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He further noted that they have threatened to sue him if he added the song to the album, but vowed to go ahead and release the jam despite the odds.

“So mimi sai Niko ready ku take hio risk... they've threatened to sue me if I go ahead and add the song to the album..Kama niko wrong ku support wenzangu basi niambieni, I wont sit here niangalie talent za wasee zikienda to waste!! Kill me, sue me but najua atleast nitakua nimejenga life ya wasee!!Hapa Kenya lazima tupendane!!#SONGSOFSOLOMONALBUM....” he concluded. (Sic).

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