Details of Upcoming 1447 Vol.1 Album Listening Party by KiliHippie and The Swamiii

[Photo Credit: KiliHippie & The Swamiii]

By Lydia M Joshua

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Talented artists KiliHippie and The Swamii are set to release their much anticipated 1447 Vol.1 Album this Friday.

The intimate listening party is set to take place on 13th November 2020, at Nyumba Cinema, Rosslyn Rivera, Luxury Private Theater.

The launch will be divided into two listening sessions. One from 7  to 8 PM and another from 8 pm to 9 PM.

KiliHippie and The Swamii released official posters inviting their fans to the launch with a special message. “We look forward to host you for the album launch at Nyumba Private Theater on 13th November 2020 in the Rosslyn Rivera Mall.”

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KiliHippie also took to Instagram to announce the launch with a special detailed message for fans to step up their game and support Kenyan artists by streaming their songs on Spotify and Apple especially their upcoming 1447 Vol.1 album.

“Hey, did you know that Spotify and Apple Music pay out around 0.005 per stream? Yeah, 50 Kenyan cents every time you play your beloved artist's track. The numbers actually go lower - 0.003 for African artists. It's a fact that the music industry is skewed towards fleecing the artist, worse yet especially if you're African. These platforms weren't built with us in mind. This isn't a rant, I believe that complaining does more in eroding my sanity more than anything else. This is just to let you know if you got this far. That shows that some part deep inside you cares. The Swamiii and I will be releasing our first project together this Friday, the 13th, and true to my brand...our brand it's timeless music. I know this. This project - 1447 Vol. 1 - will be available on these streaming platforms but more importantly, it'll be on for 500 bob (100 Bob/song). Play it on your streaming platform of choice then head over to once it touches your soul and pay us for that. Let's build our own. That's my plea. We'll be having an intimate listening session this Friday. Check my story and DM me….” he posted on his official Instagram page.

According to the official statement released, the pecks for fans who will attend the listening party include; You play your part in supporting great art from your city! Be part of history. With your ticket, you receive an autographed physical CD copy (remember those?) There will be limited edition merch on sale so come ready to spread the love.


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