How Mdundo Works For Artists

Founded in November 2012, Mdundo has over the past 2 years provided local artists a platform to distribute their music and earn revenues based on the number of downloads they recieve; simply put Mdundo has the same structure as Sound Cloud however the difference is that Mdundo actually pays artists.

The sign up and leaving Mdundo is simple as demonstrated below in 5 simple steps;

1. Signing Up

Log on to click on the I am a musician button and go through the sign up process; Terms and Conditions are also provided on the page so as an artist you will get to understand better what we offer

2. Promotion

As an artist once you have signed up, it is your sole duty to ensure fans are aware that they can access your music on Mdundo by providing download links on your various social media pages. We do not market for artists, our sole purpose is music distribution; however we have a news site, in which as an artist if you have anything you feel should be put out to fans from opinion pieces to new music can be shared out by simply sending an email to

3. Money Distribution

Mdundo makes money on advertisements placed on the site and voice advertisement inside the songs (like Youtube) and this is the money that is equally shared with artists at the end of the 2 quarters.


4. Price Per Download

As of now an artist will get a total of 4Ksh per download however this is not rigid, the price can change based on the factors over the biling period. You have full access to all the statistics of the number of downloads you get once you log into your profile; If you click on the statistics section, you can select the billing period you want calculations for and get to see the breakdown of the money you have earned.

5. Leaving Mdundo

If you wish to terminate your contract, you simply go online to your profile and delete your music or alternatively send an email to explaining your desire to leave Mdundo. is the largest music distribution platform in Kenya and second largest in Africa, so far hosting a total of 4400 artists.

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