Ali Kiba Makes Comeback with New Sensational Love Song ‘Dodo’

By Branice Nafula

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After being away from music for quite some time, Tanzanian superstar Alikiba has dropped another sizzling track dubbed ‘Dodo’.

‘Dodo’ is a song of a man in love promising his woman everything that she desires.

Explaining why he used the name ‘Dodo’, Alikiba noted that “Dodo refers to a well rippen Mango, but in the song it reflects a very beautiful woman, well raised by her parents and ready for marriage.”

 Alikiba starts off by telling us what love entails “Kupenda ni vitendo, si maneno maneno, ndio nakupa kitengo kwa kufika malengo. umeziba mapengo kwa upendo upendo….”

He goes on to tell her that she won his heart, therefore to fulfill his promise of love, he is elevating her to another role from girlfriend to wife.

The video is all about a wedding happening both the traditional and royal way.

The all Swahili love song portrays a royal kind of love between Alikiba and Hamisa Mobetto; Diamond Platinumz’s ex-girlfriend, and baby mama who plays the role of Alikiba’s wife.

The pomp and color in it will definitely make you want to get married.

In the video, Alikiba gives us reason to trust him when it comes to being all sensual, romantic and most of all a gentleman.

This is one of the best songs to listen to especially during this crisis time. For couples, it could just be a reminder of what true love feels like, and for those hoping to find love, Alikiba has given you a reason to start off a conversation with that person you love.

Few hours after it premiered, the video is doing well on YouTube with over 47,000 views in the first hour.

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