Rift Side HipHop [Nakuru HipHop Scene]

Kenyan hip hop is largely defined by whats happens in Nairobi and Mombasa. Nakuru Hip Hop or Rift Side hip hop as it is sometimes referred, started in the late 90s the time when mainstream artist introduced stylistics Rap Music.Rift Side Hip Hop Is something different something unique something distinct and rather artistic to regular Kenyan hip hop. Nakuru hip hop community happens to have evolved separately from Nairobi hip hop which bread a new and modern, current generation acts such as Silverstone barz who mesmerized Kenyans in popular ciphers.

The idea of having a handful of skilled rappers in the town is not alien with a little bit of research you will come across an artist known as Kalimani whose style is a mixture of classical hip hop and Freestyling and a all time artist known us Bishop Tokanduki whose lyrics tells the tells of the streets. These rappers are very skills and lt looked as though they have been making Music for quite a minute. They however are not overplayed, but are quite credible in the streets of the town.

If you dig a little bit deeper you will find a professional quality production house known as Beat Ya Mavo who is making five star quality music. Her production skills can take over the country but he is only heard in the town music scene. There are also Hip Hop instrumental acts such as CNA Beats whose sounds is bit edgy and he has been making big strides in the resent years.

Nakuru is a town that is largely dependent on Nairobi the idea of having a thriving hip hop community on the town is something that is alien to our thoughts. since our knowledge is limited what we get from nationwide media. Nakuru Radios station don't have a nationwide coverage and TV Stations are largely religious television Networks, hence creating Nakuru music hibernation but people are quite confident it will blow up in the near future.

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