Catch The MdundoTwitterview with ArrowBwoy

'They Call him Arrow Bwoy!!!' Mdundo's twitter fingers were at work getting some down time with Arrow Boy. Haya Basi 'Tujuane'

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Good afternoon Arrow Bwoy! Welcome to #MdundoTwitterview

Thank you for having me and yes I'm Ready for you guys

What are your favorite Underground/upcoming Kenyan & Tanzanian music artists; name 1 male & 1 female?

Bridget Blue and Kelechiafricana  from Kenya Marioo and Nandy from Tanzania Watch out for these talented lads

We love your hit song #DIGIDIGI Smiling face with sunglassesDo you have a favorite song among all your songs?

I love all my songs because they hit different FireFire #Tujuane is on Repeat now

Favorite song to sing in the shower?

Dodo and lika ft Cecil

any projects you are working on as 2020 unfolds? What should your fans expect? 

More of collaborations this year from within the country and beyond the boundaries

Favorite place in the world?


Who is your superhero and why?

My mum is my everything i grew up in a family full of domestic violence but she managed to raise a responsible man ..Thank you Mama and to All the true mothers out here God bless you all

Ya mwisho sasa... If you won a million dollars, what would you buy?

I would go back to Huruma town and put up a smile to my beautiful people over there

Thank you for joining us today!!! We had a blast Hugging faceHugging face We can't wait for more music

Jah Bless

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