Highest Praise Band release first single, 'Uko Hapa' featuring Paul Clement off their Live Album Recording

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by Kabura Ng'ang'a

In October, one of the most prolific worship bands, Highest Praise Band in Kenya put together a worship experience like no other for the live recording of its album. Highest Praise Band was founded by Bethuel Lasoi and it gained much buzz after the release of their song, ‘No Other Name’.

From the live album recording, over the weekend HPB released its first single off that, ‘Uko Hapa’ in which they feature Paul Clement. Uko Hapa is everything a worship song seeks to be. HPB arranged a simple and melodic tune to accompany the song.

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The band wrote this song with such simplicity that lets the beauty of the prayer and acknowledgement of the presence of God shine. The worship song is also catchy with the repetitive lyrics which makes it an easy song to sing along to. HPB vocal arrangement is out of this world and Bethu and Paul Clement harmonize with their voices complimenting each other very well.

HPB make worship so beautiful that it sounds outside of this world with their vocal arrangements, lyrical genius and instrumentation. With this live experience of them on ‘Uko Hapa’, you are to fall in love with HPB some more and have something new to add to your worship playlist.


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