Mdundo Twitterview : Catching up with Gospel hiphop's finest, Holy Dave

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Holy Dave is the name, hip hop is the game!!! Mr.HD has rocked the mic with fabulous music for almost a decade now , Mdundo got the chance to catch up with him on #MdundoTwitterview

 First things first...what's for lunch?

Today I’m having ‘Mdundo’

 Which 3 songs have been top on your playlist since this morning?

  1. #TiaBidiiZidi
  2. #TiaBidiiZidi
  3. #TiaBidiiZidi

 Your latest jam #TiaBidiiZidi is about motivating people to keep on and work hard... What's the story behind the song? What inspired you to write it?

The lyrics to this song stem from my personal story as I navigated through my career. It ties in with the #InspirationForTheNation agenda I've been pushing on social media over the past few years.

 What's your take on the Kenyan gospel scene? Is it headed in the right direction, especially hip hop?

Kenyan Gospel music is doing good.

My colleagues are working hard.

The results are about to show

Stay tuned

 Any advice to upcoming gospel hip hop artists?

Msanii vipi? andika hizo mistari

Soon utakuwa VIP haupangi hizo mistari

Today I want to encourage an upcoming Hip Hop artist. Keep going nanii... #TiaBidiiZidi

 Take us back to the days before the music...

How was it for you?

I was hungry

 What has kept you going since the days of #NikoNaReason and #NiMsoh?? It's been 7 years…

Vision. When I was starting I said that I wanted to be ‘someone’.I’m still dreaming, still believing, still achieving.

 Which song are you looking forward to dance to on #Bambika this Sunday?

I'm on the lookout for new music

 How is it for you being on TV, being a lecturer, and at the same time working with the Muthengi foundation?? Is it a tough task?

Time management is everything. I’ve managed to strike a good balance between everything I do. Plus some ruthless focus

 Tell us about Sound Deluge... Are you the founder?

Naa, the founder is the very able


 Tell us about the #MuthengiFoundation and your journey as a philanthropist?

The @MuthengiFDN is a non-profit organization, registered as a foundation under the Societies Act of Kenya. The main purpose of the organization is to develop economic empowerment through education. We raise support for Education related needs in Kenya.

I don’t really consider myself a philanthropist. I’m just an active citizen tryna great social change.Life is more than just achieving success. We need to be remembered for something.

 What's you fashion secret?

People are going to stare so I might as well make it worth their while.

 How would you describe your journey in music in 3 words so far? 

Hiphop is bae

 What are 2 assumptions that people always have about you?

  1. That I come from a rich family...Which is a lie. I’ve worked hard to get where I am
  1. That I’m taller

 What are your current and future plans musically? Which artist(s) do you look forward to working with?

Niko kwa studio cooking up something fire ,Something HUGE is coming your way before the year ends.

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