Karol G Features Nicki Minaj for Hot New Release 'Tusa'

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

Karol G has a new song and on she asked Nicki Minaj to jump. They marry well with the subtle latin pop sound in the song, ‘Tusa’. There is however nothing subtle about how they approach the song lyrically and delivery which is actually amazing.

The video is a pink haven with every prop and clothes used on there baring the different shades of pink and pastels that compliment it. Karol G uses contemporary dancers for a light choreography that majorly involves the hands through the song.

Classical trumpets start off the song very subtly giving it a very classical beginning. Karol G throws in her vocals almost immediately and Nicki jumps switches up the feel of the song with her rap. She, Nicki begins her verse in very impressive Spanish.

Definitely a good way to start off the weekend with Karol and Nicki blaring in your stereo.


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