Rosalia Releases New Song 'A Pale'

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

A lot of Latin artists have been redefining the music industry in their scene by incorporating more pop in their style and sound. One of such artists is Rosalia who has been having a very good year with her music and the awards. She just premiered her new song ‘A Pale’.

A Pale playfully raps on the quite alternative but fast paced rap beat. She however remembers to layer bars on bars on the playfulness and her flow is amazing. The song begins with a very Bollywood kind of chant and Rosalia quickly jumps on the beat.

They took a very robot like direction with the video. There is the use of a hardware and minimal but enough lighting to the video. Rosalia and a couple of her dancers dance lightly but ensure their presence is felt through the video.

Catch a vibe with Rosalia this Friday.

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